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Determining the cost to have us support your event is very easy. Simply determine how many days your event is event, then determine the mileage in a straight line from our airport (EFD) to your airport. Multiply the number of miles by the mileage fee, and add the mileage fee to the appearance fee.

We travel all throughout the United States and Canada and may be located closer to you, which would reduce your mileage charge. Always contact us to confirm your cost and date availability.

To chat about booking please call us at (432) 213-5189 or email us

Jet Requirements

• Fuel: Jet-A / JP8 150;gal. per flight (based on mission length). Full Fuel for Departure.


• Gas: #3A/N fitting Oxygen 2,200 p.s.i.


• Power: Ground Power Unit not required



• Performing: $3,900 for air show

• Travel: $6.95per mile airport to airport (charged one way from EFD)



• Hotel: 2 rooms minimum

• Transportation: 1 car (SUV preferred)


• Ramp security REQUIRED (ejection sets are HOT!)

• Hangar preferred during non-show hours and required for inclement weather.



• Appearance/Travel Fees: One half with commitment agreement, balance prior to departure.

Payments types accepted: Company check, Cash, CCR/DFAS “Government contracting office”


• Booked Appearance: Appearance fee only – all mileage fees are refunded in full.

• Appearance Date To 120 Days: All fee’s both appearance and mileage are due no later than the airshow’s originally scheduled date.

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